Silence period for May 13 local polls begins

 The silence period for the May 13 local level elections has started from Tuesday midnight.

The election campaign and publicity are forbidden during this silence period, said Shaligram Aryal, the spokesperson of the Election Commission.

“Any kinds of discussions, interactions, mass meetings, workshops, and seminars seeking votes are forbidden during the silence period,” said Aryal, adding, “Posters, pamphlets, and other materials related to political parties or electoral candidates will be removed 300 meters from the periphery of the polling stations.”

With the start of the silence period, the Election Commission has forbidden the election campaign and publicity through any means including social media, print, or electronic media.

Meanwhile, the Commission has also urged to remove the election publicity materials posted on social media that breach the election code of conduct.

The government has decided to ban the means of transportation on the day polling day (April 13).

Ambulances, drinking water tankers, milk trucks, fire brigade, vehicles related to telecommunication and cable services, hearses, and vehicles used for transportation of hospital health workers will remain operational.

Spokesperson Poudel said that the decision was taken to conduct the election in a free, fair, and peaceful environment.

Similarly, the vehicle used by the doctors of the hospital, garbage disposal vehicles, those carrying vegetables, fruits, milk, and vehicles of diplomatic missions with a CD-mentioned number plate are not required to get a permit letter.

The commission has decided to strictly prohibit the sale, distribution, and consumption of alcohol in the designated areas from 12 noon onwards till the polling is over.

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