Govt to unveil policies and programs at 4 pm today

The government is making preparations to present its policies and the programs in the federal parliament meeting today.

President Bidhya Bhandari is scheduled to present the government’s policies and programs at a joint meeting of the federal parliament at 4 pm.

It is understood that the policies and programs of the government will also include the periodic election of federal and state assemblies.

The term of the federal and state assemblies is coming to an end in November.

As per the constitutional provision, the budget of the federal government is scheduled to be presented in the parliament on May 29 every year. Hence, the government is bringing policies and programs today.

Last year, on the night of May 22, after the dissolution of the House of Representatives by President Bidya Bhandari on the recommendation of the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister Oli addressed the nation and unofficially made public the government’s policies and programs.

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