Govt employees’ salary increases by 15%

The government has increased the salaries of civil servants by 15 percent in the budget of the Fiscal Year 079/80.

Now the salaries of government teachers and employees have been increased from a minimum of Rs 3,000 to maximum of Rs 10,000.

According to the new increment, the Chief Secretary will now get Rs 77,211. The current salary of the Chief Secretary is Rs 67,140. Thus, their salary has been increased by Rs 10,071.

Similarly, the salary of the secretary will also be increased by Rs 9,402. The salary of the secretary, who was getting Rs 62,680 previously, has now reached Rs 72,082. The salary of the joint secretary has increased from Rs 49,380 to Rs 56,787. Their salary will be increased by Rs 7,407. Similarly, the current salary of the Under Secretary will increase from Rs. 42,380 to Rs. 48,737.

As per the new adjustment, the salary of the Under Secretary has been increased by Rs. 6,357. Likewise, the salary of a section officer has been increased by Rs. 5,698 to reach Rs. 43,688. At present, the officer gets Rs 37,990.

Similarly, Nayab Subba (non-gazetted first class officer) will get Rs 34,730 after his salary increases by Rs 4,530. Nayab Subba’s current salary is Rs 30,200.

The Kharidar’s salary has now reached Rs 32,901. Earlier, his salary was Rs 28,610.

The new increment of the civil servants will take effect starting July 17.

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