Balen Shah vows to make Kathmandu world’s most beautiful city

Newly elected mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Balendra Shah has said that he will fully implement his vision and agendas.

In a congratulatory program organized by the Office of the Returning Officer on Friday morning, Shah said that he took the election result as a beginning.

“The result of the election has come out. It is the beginning of our work, not just our victory, “he said.

“We look forward to implementing our vision and agendas in the next five years.”

He said that he has taken Kathmandu metropolis as a family.

Meanwhile, he also committed to making the Kathmandu metropolis the most beautiful city in the world. “We hope that all of us will work together to make Kathmandu a beautiful and excellent city not only of the country but also of the world.”

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