a meeting between president bhandari and chinese foreign minister wang

kathmandu. chinese foreign minister wang yi has held courtesy meetings with president vidyadevi bhandari .

foreign minister wang had arrived at a cool residence today to meet president bhandari . wang is meeting today with kp sharma oli, president of the main opposition party mp, and pushpakmal dahal prachand, president of the maoist centre.

minister wang had a courtesy meeting with prime minister sherbadhur deuwa yesterday. after the meeting, wang had transferred the true government of nepal to pokhara airport, announcing that pokhara international airport had been completed through virtual means in the presence of prime minister deuwa.

nine agreements on enhancing mutual cooperation have been signed by an affiliated official from both countries during a meeting in the prime minister’s office between minister wang and counterpart narayan sea.

foreign minister wang, who arrived in nepal on a three-day visit on friday, is scheduled to return home at 3 p.m. today.

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